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Since then, Zest has developed into the Health Hub in Karlstad it is today. It has expanded to accommodate more guests and a shop section, the window to Norra Strandgatan has been opened up for orders and outdoor tables have been added, catering has grown for Karlstad's companies and private events of all kinds.

Thanks to committed staff, energetic suppliers, a generally increasing food awareness and many loyal guests, this value-based Foodbar has grown more and more stable. Now Zest has its obvious place in the heart of Karlstad as a small oasis for regulars and tourists. An oasis where ideas and future plans never fade.

Maria Mo Ericsson owns and runs Zest, she is a trained Health Educator and Gastronomic Chef and has during her 25 years as a freelance chef and course leader had the main focus on the plant-based kitchen. She wants to contribute to health for people and the environment with her food, highlight the plant kingdom's raw materials and inspire the food repertoire to expand, for everyone's sake. Her professional sources of inspiration include: EAT, Food Revolution and Matthew Kenney.

The passion for food and health has led to cooking assignments around the world. At Zest, the years in California and New Zealand are reflected in both menu and atmosphere. Today, creativity is spiced up by colleagues and by Zest´'s guests. Her own permaculture cultivation here in Värmland also provides nutrition for food creativity and also provides Zest with some of the fresh crops.

A conscious and alert healthy world
To offer a nourishing and inspiring oasis that creates good conditions for awake choices and exuberant health

The plant kingdom is at the center of our menu - a conscious choice in line with the UN's environmental goals. All our desserts and several dishes on the menu consist of 100% plant-based ingredients.

Organic and Eco-labeled
We prioritize crops grown without chemical pesticides and our selected animal elements in the menu are eco-labeled: Shrimp MSC. Salmon only when the season allows and then ASC / Eko. Chicken Eco. Wild meat from moose. Getost Eco.

Locally grown and locally produced
Our own permaculture farm provides us with a part of our assortment and we are constantly working to strengthen our range of locally produced products to support the local industry and minimize transport. Extra good when the producers also work organically:

Our Värmland suppliers:
Kombucha from Tingvalla.
Light beer from Wermlands Brygghus
Fish from Lillängshamnen
Goat cheese from Lillängen's farm dairy
Buckwheat from Värmland's buckwheat
Vegetables from various local farmers, ex. Thorfolks, Ridgedale and our own cultivation in Värmland
Sprouts / Shoots from All Greens Innovation Park
Spirulina from Brunskog
Cold cuts from Björkaholms Bakarstuga
Textile products from Heppa's design Karlstad
Beauty and Hygiene Products from Kaliflower Organics
Raw Chocolate from Arvika

Swedish suppliers:
Sophies Raw
Lilly and Hanna
Scanian Chili
Eco Chicken from various farms in southern Sweden

An important challenge where we are constantly working to develop and let the menu vary more with the seasonal selection.

Homemade for real
We do not use semi-finished products or additives, but make everything ourselves from scratch, from natural raw produce.

Minimal process - Nutritious
We love to offer Äkta Mat - Real Food - nutritionally dense, without toxins and additives - which gives the body what it needs to feel really good and tastes so good that you are happy.
For maximum nutrition, all our dishes mostly consist of minimal or completely unprocessed vegetables in varied colors and shapes.

Hygiene items and Packaging are selected based on environmental impact

Cardboard boxes alt. bargasse for salads,
Catering on palm leaf dishes
Treats and gifts in cellophane
Dressing cups and plastic glasses in PLA plastic
Cutlery in 100% CPLA
Mugs and straws in cardboard
Paper napkins at least 80% recycled
Beeswax wraps to cut down on the use of plastic film

Source sorting and composting
Cardboard is sorted in our garbage room.
Glass, metal, batteries, light bulbs, pallets and plastic we take ourselves to the recycling station. We have composting to some extent for the crops.

Minimize food waste
We are proud of our routines that contribute to almost zero cooking waste at Zest. We prioritize staff time on food handling instead of throwing away food. We dry, freeze, ferment, pickle and always work consciously with the menu to make use of all parts of the raw material. We also always work on routines to minimize food waste from guests' plates.

Environmentally friendly Deliveries
with Postiljohan - bicycle courier, and our own environmental hybrid car.


Norra Strandgatan 17
652 24 Karlstad

Phone: 054-18 23 10

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 11-17 (16-17 Only Take Away, cold dishes and coffee)
Sat: 12-16
Sun (red days, evenings): Closed


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