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Karlstad's green oasis



The freshest from the Plant Kingdom always in the center - as far as possible the season's local, organically grown crops. On the menu there are always raw and vegan dishes and dishes with elements of game and MSC labeled shrimp. Everything to minimize climate impact and maximize nutrition and enjoyment.


We love to offer real food - nutrient-dense and minimally processed, which gives the body what it needs to feel really good and tastes so good that it makes you happy. All naturally free from additives and sugar cooked on site by loving hands. The only thing we have with gluten are our beloved dumplings and they are also available in a gluten-free version if desired.


A relaxing oasis with inspiring flavors and wonderful meetings in the heart of Karlstad. Here, well-being is important on all levels - for our senses, body and soul, animals and nature. All to create good conditions for awake choices and a more beautiful everyday life. The doggy is also welcome!


Creative Salad Bowls, Hot Soups, Casseroles & Dumplings, Juicy Buckwheat Rolls, Fresh Smoothies, Raw Desserts, Coffee & Ice Cream are served here. Enjoy your meal in our green little oasis on Zest or bring a practical food package to work, home or out in the park. Feel free to order here in advance and pick up from us or get an eco-friendly delivery with Postiljohan.



Seasonal Catering - perfect for the company, family or party. Breakfast, Trays and Buffet, as well as Desserts, Cakes and Coffee. Everything is available gluten-free, without refined sugar and dairy products - filled with exuberant nutrition, beautiful colors and good flavors. Plant-based with Chicken, MCS Shrimp and Goat Cheese as possible options.



Quality for us is to contribute in a sustainable healthy direction for us humans and the rest of the ecosystem. With us, it is an active work every day - in every choice, big and small. We see that sustainable quality starts with ourselves, that we learn to land in a place of peace within us, where conscious choices and respect for each other and the whole come naturally and are reflected in every action. We love to celebrate when we have reached another of our sustainability goals. And then we are equally tagged again for the next exciting step in becoming more aware and able to contribute even more to making a difference in a good direction. Thank you to all our guests and suppliers, for encouraging and inspiring us to make Zest even more sustainable and wonderful.


Norra Strandgatan 17
652 24 Karlstad

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Weekdays: 09:00 - 17:00
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Sundays: 12:00 - 16:00
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